Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reflections of Kenai Lake, Alaska

The spring came early this year... In early May, fresh greens sprouted from the ground soon followed by trees turning lush green about one month earlier than in normal years! 

In June, Alaska is already in midsummer! Plants are growing fast during the long day light hours while wildflowers celebrate in beautiful weather. I've been busy photographing the most beautiful season in Alaska.

Kenai Lake is a large glacial lake located on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula at the headwaters of the world famous (for salmon fishing) Kenai River. When the lake is calm, this blue green water reflects the Kenai Mountains... 

I've always been fascinated with landscape reflections... 

It was early in the morning, the rain had stopped, and sky was a partly clear. No wind of any kind giving way to a water surface perfectly still... very quiet. The sunlight came through the clouds right after sunrise lighting the peaks across the lake. The lights on the mountains were slowly descending... I love the patterns of the lights and shade. I was at the lake for a few hours, watching the lights shifting on the mountains.

Another Kenai Mountains reflections near Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet.