Friday, January 1, 2016

Rabbit Lake, Chugach Mountains, Alaska

A Happy New Year from Spirit of Nature Images!!
May year 2016 bring all the new adventures and happiness in your life.
I will continuously capture and share the beautiful nature images in this new year!

Rabbit Lake is one of the many beautiful landscapes in the Chugach Mountains near Anchorage, Alaska. Only a short drive from Anchorage, true wild nature expands in all directions. I've been exploring and photographing within the Chugach Mountains extensively for the past couple of years. I am always impressed with the breathtaking beauty of the scenery at every lake, every mountain, and every meadow I visit in the area...

In mid-May, I hiked up a long uphill trail to Rabbit Lake. The trailhead at the lower elevation was full of spring greens, but when I hiked up deep into the Chugach Mountains, it was still winter! The whole area, surrounded by rugged peaks, was still white, and the lakes were still frozen! The snowy scene was beautiful under blue sky, and I enjoy capturing the winter landscape.

Later in summer, in mid-July, I came back to capture the summer landscape of Rabbit Lake. It was a completely different world! The lake was full of emerald green water, and green grasses and wildflowers were celebrating the short summer! This is why I never get tired of exploring the Chugach Mountains.

The summer was too short... The cold and darkness has descended upon Alaska.

Taking a break from a long dark winter in Alaska, I had another photo project and adventure in Kauai Island of Hawaii in December.  I will post some new images from the "Garden Island" on my next posting.  Please check back in 2 weeks.