Friday, March 26, 2010

Mormon Row and Grand Teton

This old barn and the rugged Teton Peaks are well known photo locations in Grand Teton National Park. You may have seen this iconic scenery in a poster or postcard before. I always wanted to photograph this scenic view at sunrise, especially during a winter in snow.

Normally, snow in the area is very deep, at least several feet, and the road is closed. However, this winter is mild in the Grand Teton area, 40 percent less snow fall than average winters. Snow is melting fast in March; the road is open earlier this year but still enough snow for “winter scene” images.

One morning in mid March, I was setting my camera before sunrise. I was hoping for a beautiful alpenglow on the Teton Peaks. The sky was clear, around 7:30 (thanks for the spring time forward), the east horizon was becoming slight orange and the whole area turned to pale blue. Then, the tips of the Tetons lit up magenta. The light was gradually shifted to lower peaks and the mountains were colored salmon pink!

The alpenglow was fading in a few minutes, and warm light enveloped the whole area. I was moving up to other historic buildings and took some shots. This historic homestead, called “Mormon Row,” was originally built in 1910s by early settlers.

I liked this historic outhouse!

Someday in summer, I’d like to go back there for another sunrise shot with green grass and meandering river foreground.