Monday, August 16, 2010

Bald Eagle

Large numbers of Bald Eagles live in Southeast Alaska. Bald Eagles are often seen here in Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska. With a body length of upwards of 30 inches and a wingspan of 90 inches, it has been an impressive sight to see these large birds fly right above my head.

When the tide is low on Alaskan beaches, eagles can be seen scavenging. One particular bird I recently saw was feeding on a fish for a long time... Several others were looking at him and trying to steal the food in his claws. They often fight for the food.

Adult Bald Eagles have black bodies with a white head and tail with a yellow beak and legs as everyone knows them as the American symbol. Immature eagles are mixed colors with brown and white until 5 year old. When they reach maturity, their heads turn to "bald" just like some humans. I think whoever named "bald eagle" did a good job.