Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Island of Hawaii #3 - Tropical Rainforest and Waterfalls

Nature on Hawaii Island (Big Island) is diverse; sunshine beaches, volcanic landscapes, rain forests, and a 13,803 foot high mountain.

The east side of the Big Island is located in the rain shadow with annual rainfall 150-250 inches. Abundant rain falls and with its year-round warm climate, the vegetation grows very well. The thick greens of the rainforest which includes typical jungle trees with draping vines; banyan trees, palm, ferns, and mosses cover the area.

There are numerous waterfalls throughout the Big Island's rainforest. Akaka Falls is one of Hawaii's iconic landscape images. The water drops 422 ft vertical down a moss and fern covered cliff, and its spray creates rainbows near the bottom. Just like paradise imagined...

100-foot Kahuna Falls are cascading through lush green cliff.

Beach is nice, but I'm more attracted to unique natural landscapes on the Big Island of Hawaii.

When I got back from Hawaii in early June, Spring had finally arrived in Alaska. Green vegetation was a welcoming sight. Summer is the most beautiful time in Alaska and a busy season for a nature photographer. I'll share some of new photos from Alaskan wilderness on the next posting.