Sunday, September 13, 2015

Eklutna Lake Sunset, Alaska

Eklutna Lake is one of many amazing scenic places near Anchorage. When the sun shines, the deep turquoise color of the lake shows vividly. I have been photographing the lake from various vantage points in recent years.

One of those beautiful evenings, I was hiked up the trail overlooking the lake to capture the sunset. It was early July, sunset in southcentral Alaska occurs around midnight! The sun was already low as I hiked through the wooded trail when suddenly I heard a loud noise in the brush near the trail. A black bear was walking in the woods not so far from where I was!
I made it to a nice open area overlooking the entire Eklutna Lake. The sun was already very low and dim light began painting the clouds in reddish gold. The warm lights broke through the clouds and created a ribbon of lights on the mountain range above the lake! I love this kind of lighting often seen in Alaska.

The Fireweed's deep pink flowers were already blooming in the area and it was only early July! There is an old saying in Alaska; when the fireweed flowers bloom, summer is ending... only bottom part was blooming but thinking the end of summer was coming made me sad. 
Sunset normally takes longer in northern latitudes, but it was quicker that evening... Gold colors in the clouds faded quickly. I had only enough time to capture it from just a few different spots.