Saturday, November 21, 2015

First Snow on Chugach Mountains, Alaska

It was mid September when the first snow fell on the mountains just outside of Anchorage. The past summer the weather was unusually nice and warm paving the way for vibrant fall colors around the city and surrounding mountains. It was mid September when light snow dusted the high peaks. "Termination dust" as the locals call it indicating the termination of summer in Alaska, and about a month later, permanent snow would fall and stay.

From Rendezvous Peak, Chugach Mountain peaks were covered with snow while the foothills and valleys were still in Autumn colors.

Rendezvous Ridge was dusted with fresh snow.

At the lower elevations, fall foliages were still vivid among new snow.

A golden leaf trapped in icicle...

Coming down from the mountain, glad to see it was still fall. Golden foliages glowed in warm light just before sunset...

Fall color trees with distant peaks, also snow dusted.

Mountains aglow in rose color at sunset.

Finally snow reached ground level in late October. The long Alaskan winter has begun... Snow will stay another half year.

I will post some more Alaskan wilderness images from the past summer in the next posting. Please check back in 2 weeks!